Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Gorgeous Snail Mail

A surprise package in the mail yesterday.  I am totally, totally spoilt! The bag is just divine and will be perfect for my many packages I post (although I'm having a bit of  a break with "intensive" mail at the moment having spent $300 or so in a couple of months at the post office!).
And me oh my, look at all those amazing stunning fabulous writing sets and gorgeous notecards!
I write letters which are usually 5-8 pages long, so I will get through them!
Thank you so much Tracy - you are such a dear!
(man I so wish I could sew like that too!)


  1. I'm so glad you liked the bag Kimberley, as soon as I saw the snail mail fabric I know I had to make to a bag. $300 on postage wow! No wonder you are taking a break, but hopefully the bag will make your trips to the post office a bit easier even if you are only sending letters. xx

  2. You bring so much pleasure to others by arranging your swaps etc Kimberley, I am glad someone has surprised you with a fun package of goodies! X