Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 25 May 2016


I'm tucked up in bed listening to the driving rain outside. It has been atrocious weather for 5 days now. This afternoon I nearly stopped driving as the visibility and flooding was shocking. I arrived home just in time for the most incredible hail storm. The youngest was freaking about the rabbit, but all is well.

Otherwise, I've been getting to school early in the morning and spending an hour or so scribbling university notes, then coming home to memorise stuff for exams.
Oh exams. One kid has just finished mock A level exams and has passed all so far; another has started his year 8 exams, and will do fab in some and dire (I mean really totally dire) in Mandarin.
There was an excellent programme on tv last night about the NZ education system and its failings.
I'm so not sure about exams. I think my university exams even are silly as I forget so much the day after... and it is a moment in time and you could be having a crap day and do crappy in the exam... when you truly do know a lot more, but either freeze or just can not remember.. I think we really do need to change how we educate.
I've been book buying and -oh- more wool buying from a shop which is closing in 3 more days..
Just a pity I am doing so little knitting these days....

and congratulations to Amy who won my stationery giveaway - I've finally e-mailed you!

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  1. yay to amy for winning!! I hope you get to do some knitting :)