Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 23 October 2016

The State Library of Victoria

I just cannot believe that I have never ever stepped foot inside the State Library of Victoria before! When we lived in Melbourne, I guess it is something I just used to walk past and with little children, I probably had no reason to go in there! Oh to even discover Readings Bookshop in the building many years ago alone would have been a treasure.
The teenage boys were more than happy to puttle through here with me - they too were blown away by the grandeur.

The entire chess room. A room with only chess books and table after table of chess players. That was pretty cool.
The library itself was completed in 1856 under the direction of the library's founder , Sir Redmond Barry, who was also the judge who sentenced the notorious Ned Kelly to hang in the Old Melbourne Gaol.
Ned Kelly's original armour is kept at the library too, much to the boys' glee and delight at finding it (and not knowing it was here!)
The dome and the Reading Room were not finished until 1913.
Such an incredible place and so, so quiet too with many studiously studying/researching away.
A real delight of my trip to Melbourne this time!


  1. That's a happy trip for you all to remember...

  2. GORGEOUS! What a wonderful discovery :-)