Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Woolly (yarny) goodness

Totally impulse buying - a week ago I bought a woolly (yarny) Opal sock Advent Calendar from The Wool Warehouse in England. It arrived at school today. It was a bit of a total splurge and I do think was a tad over-priced for what it really is. I did regret my impulse purchase, until it arrived at school today and I thought "yippee" - this will be exciting!
I think after finishing my last 2 essays this past Friday (12 written in 10 weeks!!) and an exam in 2.5 weeks, I'll need a bit of daily cheer come December 1. My life is going to be totally manic until the beginning of December - mainly due to study and work - we are doing a 50th jubilee, a gala and a book fair all in the same week at school and then - somehow, yes really - I'm supposed to be stocktaking 40,000 items, returning 4500 of them and then shelving all the returns.... to say I might go a bit mad is an understatement. The last 3 weeks of the school - all of this to do! It is totally crazy, but I'll never be bored and it will be fun at least! I really do like doing the stocktake.

I couldn't think of  better thing to have an advent calendar for either!


  1. I looked at that advent calendar and after some ooming and arrgghhhing decided I'd be better off just buying balls of wool. Won't be as much fun in December though. x