Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 12 November 2016


My 55 hour weeks are over. I am exhausted. While my university exam wasn't w-o-w (3 hours sitting! Such a l-o-n-g time!!!), "C"'s get degrees!! That is my aspiration for this paper! Oh well.
Two university papers in one semester is full on around a crazy busy life.

One stress over with. The other I'm working on and mostly out of my control. Roll on the 6-7 week holidays I say!

My bedroom (I've great tower building skills!)-

 I'm now in my happy space sorting and organising and throwing stuff out. So much freedom is weird - so many books to read, letters to write, stitching to be done, socks to knit... :) and the family somewhere in there too. So hard studying and working and family-ing too! Four of us have had exams this week!