Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 19 February 2017


Oh it's manic already. I'm exhausted already. Falling asleep after school, hence little uni work done!
Twas Valentine's Day this past week - we really celebrated International Book Giving Day instead with new books all round! Mine was a subscription to my favourite mag "The Simple Things" all the way from England, as I'm sick of driving across town to the one shop I know that stocks it, to find zero copies... But I was spoilt with this in bed! Traffic was hideous this week and I was late to work - oh well.
We've had major fires down south with homes destroyed on the outskirts of Christchurch. Most of the country is in a state of extreme fire risk including my city, but with the rain we've had up here, at least, it must have helped.

I'm hanging out for the next school hols already. I'm a bit over work already. Knitting another sock.
 I start my 4 day work week this week , which pleases me no end. My first university essays are up on the wall - one paper AT university; the other via distance. As the coursework is already up online for both, I've roared ahead already! Lectures start in 11 days time for me.
 I went to the university library yesterday - took a long time visiting 5 floors to get what I want, sort out photocopying, finding my way around - all the new things to learn. I'm used to librarians doing everything for me being a distance student - books and articles just used to turn up in the post or e-mail. The university now considers me an internal student, so i have to do all the dog work myself! Tis time consuming I discovered...
 And this came through for another 3 years - a massive undertaking with a 3 year journal submitted and a bunch of other librarians deciding if I'm up for the task of being labelled a professional! Few school librarians in NZ hold this, so it is like a gold nugget to obtain and keep - 9 years in a row for me now! How has your week been?