Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 16 February 2017

Amazing I didn't lose the plot over this

well. yes. a TOP you say. I was knitting a TOP. I finished, put it on, didn't take a photo and then thought I'd block it to flatten the pattern...

it was like this....

I wet it (not soaking) just by running under the tap (like I always do!), then went to lay it out and hmmm..

I have no idea WHY it grew like it did...

This has NEVER happened to me before...

well ... it kinda looks alright in a dress...

The husband really likes it in a dress... I guess that is the main thing - ha!

Now I'm busting to knit another one to figure out if the wool or if it was just me...


  1. Better going bigger than smaller. It looks good

  2. I like it as a dress. Imagine colourful tights and a matching scarf and hey presto, a perfect autumn outfit is created. x

  3. I love it!! It looks really good on you :)

  4. cute - I guess it is quicker to knit a top than a dress?! :-)