Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 10 April 2017

Down south post #2 (truly the bottom of the world ;) )

Welcome to Bluff - basically at the very bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. Tourist central around the little sign post - fighting off the hordes who need 5000 different shots of the sign....
Bluff is well known for its oysters and I'm not sure what else... it certainly has seen its heyday, but I'm told is a very community orientated tiny town with good things happening. Not for me - particularly with its blustery winds and far too quiet and I imagine it would be bitter and depressing in winter!  The view from Bluff Hill was incredible - over towards Stewart Island and towards Invercargill as well Spectacular skies. Well worth the hour visit just to have ticked it off the list!


  1. When we were in Bluff several years ago there were 170kh winds, ripping corrugated metal roofs off buildings and firemen trying to hammer them back on. Our ferry over to Stewart island was cancelled but next day we managed to get a flight over in a tiny aeroplane. Hope you visited Stewart Island and Ulva Island! Birdlife was amazing.

  2. How fantastic to go to the very bottom! What a great signpost to everywhere.

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