Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Down south - post #1

My cousin was up here a few weeks ago and left her laptop behind. I jokingly said to her that I'd personally deliver it back down south to her. A few days went past and then I thought "what the heck! I WILL deliver it in person, seeing that I had not seen her for a year!" .

Doing things on impulse like that is me! It was a good break mentally as I was struggling to get to the end of the term! 3 more days to go. (I have h-u-g-e amounts of study to do - there has been far too much procrastination going on, but more so in that one essay is a total nightmare for me and I am struggling to understand key concepts of social justice in education and to tie it all in with sociological theories and the provision of education.. I'm lost in even writing that!)

So I jumped on the plane, flew the one hour and fifty minutes to Dunedin, said cousin picked me up and we drove south to Invercargill! I have never been further south than Dunedin and was like a kid in a lolly shop! I love seeing new places! (I do have the best husband who told me to go, go!)

On the way we stopped in Balclutha to look at H & J Smith - what a treasure trove of a shop- a superb shop with everything one would need and in a small country town.Then Gore for a quick photo.  Next stop was Winton - oh wow - I had envisaged it as a nothing town - in that it might have a church, a country hall and a pub - but it was much, much bigger, well loved and gorgeous old architecture!

Love the hay on the outskirts of the town - I had never seen it like this before. The weather was stunning and a lot warmer than I predicted! Very impressed with the bookshop in Winton too - if a place has a decent bookshop, I can live there! :) More photos a bit alter this week...

back to essay... (knitting is far more exciting really!)


  1. So nice to get away like that, I think it's just needed sometimes, a break from every day life. Scenery looks wonderful. I've always wanted to visit down there since I watched the movie "World's Fastest Indian."

  2. What a lovely way to return and receive something!!