Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 7 April 2017

Send us Your Country Swap

I held my annual "send us your country swap" a while back. I partnered with Pam, as she was the only one in my swap, of whom I had not swapped with recently! I then discovered we were both kiwis, but Pam didn't mind!

This is what I sent her....

I had been meaning to visit this local potter for centuries and finally did one day after school. What a treasure trove of gorgeous items for gifts - I chose for Pam a bowl.
 Sewed a shower cap; a ball of merino wool and some kiwiana fabric and licorice tea and sour squirms.
 I also knitted a dishcloth.
 Pam's package arrived in a big box and within that a bag

And WOW - lots of amazing NZ goodies!

Pam sewed the border onto a teatowel (such a simple, clever idea); sent me a cute mug and some T2 tea (oh I love that shop!) in a new to me variety; a very cool food cover; stationery (my new knitting notebook) and a fab re-usable bag. What lovely gifts taking into account my favourite things.

Thank you so much Pam for a lovely swap - I'll make a date to meet up before my university semester ends!


  1. Lovely swapping as always! Pam will enjoy her new fabric to make some more borders for towels now too and that is good isn't it!

  2. Hi Everyone who took part in the swap - Yes I loved everything in the parcel that Kimberley sent me. The bowl is divine. In fact I loved everything so much that I immediately signed up for the Easter swap and have been partnered with Lyn in Brisbane. It's so nice to 'meet' new friends who enjoy the things I do.
    Will hold you to that date to meet in Albany Kimberley.