Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 15 June 2017


**Thoughts to the Grenfell Tower victims - this was just over from my old school in White City, London, and like the rest of the world am horrified that such an event could happen anywhere today**

I'm sitting in bed with my knitted socks and a cosy blanket - it has been a cold start to the winter.
I had my 3 hour exam today - always so, so, so good to have it finished! I never know what to do when I have finished study, as it really does take over my life. I have found this past semester (late February to now) v-e-r-y hard going doing 55-60 hour weeks. I am still happy that I have handed in my resignation at my current school. I need the mental break from both!

Over the past year I have completed 4 university papers/courses! That truly is crazy - 4 papers/courses is the workload of a full time university student for half an entire year - but I've also worked nearly fulltime on top of this!

My degree looks like this - I've only Ed. Psyc. to do now... A paper which would have been mighty useful at school for years...

I've so much to do - lots of crafty things; knitting; sewing; scrapbooking; sorting out the junk on top of my desk; developing photos; getting chairs re-covered; sorting out new roman blinds; cleaning the house; meeting with friends and family who get neglected... I really do NOT do much else while studying - I don't see anyone a lot, miss birthdays etc etc... The middle child was 16 a month ago and apart from cake and burgers, it was much of a non event... we still need to go out for that - I think he may have forgotten...

I started 2 new scarves...

Off to catch up on sleep! I've just recycled all my university notes and readings... an awful lot of paper!! The last essay result is due next week!

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  1. Wow you do need a break! I may have missed it, but what degree are you going for? I know you must be proud of yourself!
    Karen in Virginia