Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

holiday days...and an * A *

Holiday days all seem to blend into one another. The teens do their own thing with mates, or sleeping long hours, or I have a houseful of teens, as apparently this is a 'cool' house to hang out in! I've a house load playing board and card games tomorrow.

Finally had 2 days of half decent weather - before the country is hit with snow and rain storms over the next few days.

I've knitted, and knitted, and knitted - my sock blanket and my gingerbread jersey. I've written 11 long letters and also posted some long sat here parcels. I've scrubbed bathrooms and windows. I've cleared surfaces which have not been cleared for months!

We had a massive tree cut down - this is the sunshine now in our bedroom all day long - this is the new backyard  - the new light is incredible!

 And the monkey apple - this was so large it went over 4 backyards - everyone is pleased with teh extra light!

I've gone and done this... (look at that top line grade!).  I am slightly stunned at myself :) 
I'm mad with one lecturer (the entire class is due to discrepancies in grades), as she is on holiday and today was the cut off for final grades to be posted and we have zero final grade...

 The post grad study thing did make me giggle....

Tomorrow will be another day of pottering... I love this life! 10 more weeks of school and I'll be pottering for months!


  1. Wow, congratulations, that's fantastic. Will you go on to do post grad study then? Eleanor's just got her first year grade, a 2:1, so we're really pleased. This mark doesn't count towards her final grade though, she just needed to pass this year in order to go on to year 2.

  2. Well done! I hope they sort out the zero grade thing, so unfair for you otherwise. Glad you are enjoying the light!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Kimberley. Well deserved after all that very hard work. Enjoy your pottering.

  4. How lovely, real letters! I hardly ever write one, let alone 13. Keep warm and safe. So strange that it should be freezing when here it is warm enough to keep the windows open 24h. The blanket is fab and should keep your toes warm as it grows! x