Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 14 July 2017

lazy hols

We have had freezing, freezing weather. Wet and wild wind too. And even more freezing down south!
I turned down a trip to Melbourne even! Decided just to carry on pottering on at home and doing stuff that has built up - I now have clean windows, a teen's bedroom that he thoroughly emptied and cleaned, the roses are pruned, and 13 long letters written etc!

I have stayed home virtually for 7 straight days, bar a trip to buy a new woolen coat (NZ made and 100% wool that will keep for decades!), to post letters and them oops, wonder past Kikki K and do a bit of a holiday splurge...

But firstly lets check out the sock wool blanket - l-o-t-s of time has been spent on this! I do love it so! The blanket grows larger, but I swear the wool pile to use looks just as big! I've also been adding to two scarves in a blanket stitch,

The Kikki K goodies - everything was on sale, plus the added bonus of buy 2 items, get the 3rd for free! I'm taking part in a stationery swap or two, so it was perfect timing! Great message on the mug! Time to clean out the mug cupboard once again!

Stickers, sticky notes, scrap booking inspiration kit and magnetic bookmarks...
 Writing paper set...
 Inside -

 and I do so, so adore this envelope necklace and it was one of the free items too!

Lovely purchases and yay for me - a B+ (79%) for my second university paper this semester - a tad bummed out that ONE more percent would have given me a A- grade - such is life! But I'm happy!

I think there will be quite few more days at home! I'm loving it, especially in cold, wet, miserable weather!

keep warm kiwis and seriously do not drive unless you really have to! Snowfall in both the South and North Islands have been impressive and wiped out so many roads with lots of stranded holiday makers up and down the country!


  1. I love the envelope necklace too. Not enough letter writing happens. I still have letters from about the mid 1970's from a friend that I left after moving towns hours away when I was 6. She ended up being my maid of honour when I married but lost contact with her in the early 90's. Not many write letters anymore. I occasionally write my grandsons a letter.... actually I might even write them this weekend....

  2. Oh I got side tracked there. I do love your blanket too. You have spent some time on it...

  3. How lovely, real letters! I hardly ever write one, let alone 13. Keep warm and safe. So strange that it should be freezing when here it is warm enough to keep the windows open 24h. The blanket is fab and should keep your toes warm as it grows! x

  4. Gosh I just read about the snow on another blog, it sounds very cold indeed. Stay warm and safe and keep that new coat on!! Hope you enjoy cosying with your blanket as you knit on it.

  5. golly! That blanket is awesome :)

  6. Well done! I hope they sort out the zero grade thing, so unfair for you otherwise. Glad you are enjoying the light!