Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 3 August 2017

catching up

Goodness, it is nearly the end of week two at school - I've only 8 more weeks to go!
I've stock-taked the library and am now giving it a jolly good sort out which I rather like! The students are surprised I'm leaving and keep on asking why and if I'll come back and teach them - very sweet! There is a massive shortage of teachers in NZ at the moment - schools are struggling on a daily basis with even getting relievers in to cover teachers who are away!

We've had incredibly cold days - even frost, which is un-common for us, but then stunning days!

I'm now at university on Tuesdays bright and early at 8am; nearly ready to submit my first assignment already. I'm doing educational psychology. A gem of a paper!

I saw my brother and his family last weekend - they are over from Switzerland. First time I had seen them in about 7 years I think. The cousins really do not know each other and my boys didn't really hang around to chat much... hmmmmm.... and the Swiss education system is radically different to New Zealand. My 13 year old niece is fluent in 4 languages... few NZ kids are fluent in two....

I bought some fabric - all Liberty! It was 20% off, so I figured it would be totally wrong to leave it on the shelf, as that is a saving - I'm guessing Liberty fabric is expensive all around the world.... A friend is already sewing me a dress from the second photo below.

The eldest has his own car now, although he drove mine the other day as he "didn't want to waste money on petrol" - ha ha ha! I put a stop to that right away!!

I forgot all about the school parent teacher interviews. Oh well. The boys seem to be doing okay looking at their on-line portal. The year 11 student is totally outraged that they might be starting classes next year at 7.45am, due to a growing roll and not enough teaching spaces for the number of students at the school... As for getting the year 9 kid to school at that time, well I wish the school good luck! Teenagers need to start school later, rather than earlier...

Otherwise, it's nearly the weekend; I've always study to do, but boy only doing one course, it seems like I really do have a bit of a life again; I'm knitting a ton and have enjoyed my week!


  1. Kids should be starting school earlier. Teach them they can't sleep in in real life...

  2. Looks like you are enjoying your reduced workload :-)

    I started school at 7:30, which was ok if used to it from an early age. It is a normal time for Switzerland (where I grew up, coincidence). You are right, teenagers should start later rather than earlier, working against their biological clock is pointless. Unfortunately, school funding would not allow for such requirements. On the Swiss education system: it is not as great as you may think, lots of local peculiarities for example. The reason why languages are taught early on is that there are four official languages spoken in Switzerland and every milk carton is labelled with the three main ones. Children are exposed to languages more naturally because of the linguistic diversity.

    Enjoy your knitting! x

  3. Hope all goes well with the end of term and your course. Liberty fabric is expensive here - beyond my budget! - so I am sure that is why it is expensive everywhere, lovely if you get it at a good price though!

  4. Ah yes, the humble quilt. I am quite addicted! Random squares is my favourite design and I really love your layout. x