Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

fluffy day

My brain was just not engaged today, even with university stuff. I have worked on an assignment half hearted; knitted some more of this...

bought multiple copies of this for school (and there will still be fights over them!) -

Bought some stationery, which I didn't need, but I am doing a swap... You can still sign up HERE for it...

Love the colour in my backyard (with Charlie the rabbit)

And the birds eye view of the yard from above (it was NOT me up on the roof - no thank you!).

Perhaps, after dinner, I had better try and be a bit more productive!


  1. Great to see your rooftop views! Enjoy your swapping, you are the best swapper that I know of!

  2. The knitting is growing. My grandson has read and re-read that series of book. He loves it.

  3. the blanket is stunning, I finished mine finally and I keep looking at it in disbelief!