Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The fluff has carried on me thinks

Oh my brain. I have completed university work today, but nothing like the hours I should be completing! At least I have a 1000 word essay topic and thoughts sorted - Educational Psychology is h-u-g-e and there is so much to take in - at least it will stand me in good stead for my future years of primary school teaching!

25 more days in the library - it is having the biggest organisational sort out for years (and probably years to come. being that there will be no librarian...) - the students are gutted; I'm trying to get over the mental stuff that comes with the job and am still pleased I am leaving before the end of the school year...

There is so always stuff to do/places to go! My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary over the weekend with people flying internationally to attend - more on that later. I think I'm just swamped with day to day stuff - like the 13 year old has had no new clothes since October 2016 - not surprising there is little to wear in his wardrobe. I've more clutter to turf down by the front door (lord knows what visitors think but the "Swiss" brother commented on the state of the house... ha - dear brother - time, time between work and uni...); at least the shower doors had a massive scrub over the w/end; the laundry never ends; the house needs a major spring clean really! I've a massive box of grapefruit to make marmalade; knitting etc - it all takes time and energy and motivation. Motivation - that's the one! That's what has disappeared from my life - I'm okay at work as have a deadline, but everything else just seems to glare at me!

Oh well. I'll have plenty of time to potter soon enough. :)

I've a kid who is 19 today - yikes! We're off to Pizza Pizza for dinner. He wanted petrol vouchers - practical as ever!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents and happy birthday to your lovely 19 year old!

  2. Nineteen! Congratulations on raising a practical young man!
    Motivation: Juice the grapefruit (it is quicker than making jam), enjoy a glass and knit. This will make you feel better and more motivated for the chores. I pay my kids to do some of the housework, the results are not perfect but it is all about finding balance. Good luck! x

  3. Happy birthday to your son, I hope he has a lovely day and many congratulations to your parents, 50 years is some going.