Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 11 September 2017

Spring and little gardens

It's FREEZING! Like I'm in 3 layers of wool inside! Driving sideways rain, hail, thunder, lightning.
And I'm in the tropical north.
Between the massive, massive floods in Bangladesh, earthquakes, Florida,USA  etc etc, we truly are taking a batting!

I've planted more winter veges - if the cold continues, they will continue to do well!
One of our local supermarkets (New World) have started their "little garden" promotion again. For every $40 one spends, you receive a little planting kit for your garden. It comes in a little cardboard wrap around kit, with a biodegradable pot, either a seed mat or seeds and a dirt pellet, which by putting 50mils of water on, turns magically into dirt!

I haven't planted seeds for centuries, preferring to buy little seedlings. I'm hoping they all work, and that some sun arrives soon to help them along!

Anyone else's supermarkets run any cool promotions like these? All my teachers have received classrooms sets of little gardens - what a neat thing to do with your class!


  1. That's a cool idea.. I have not seen this idea before... I want to try some tomatoes this year.. we have been having beautiful high 20s over the weekend...

  2. Neat idea! I don't think any of our UK supermarkets has done anything like. Our primary school has a garden so at least kids get an opportunity to experience growing things. I don't really garden, I have no interest and even less talent. Good luck with your seeds x