Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Twelve Week Finish Craft Items Challenge

My cousin and I have set ourselves up with a 12 week challenge. The idea is to actually FINISH craft items which we started years ago... in some cases on my list 2 decades ago... - ha! We have 12 weeks to finish as many items we can - I have to decrease this list down to 12 items by tonight, so we start off with an equal number. Some of the larger items I have listed more than once, as I'll work on bits of a top/jumper etc. We'll reward each other with little gifts every 2-3 weeks or so as we go along and tick something off the list!

1. Green knitted top - finish back
2. Retiary - 20 cm
3. Gingerbread - finish front (I think near end)
4. green top sleeves
5. Retiary 20cm
6.Mandela cross stitch
7. red socks (2nd one)
8.. Green top front
9. Retiary 20cm
10. Tapestry cushion
11. Aissha's socks (2nd one)
12. stripey socks (2nd one)
13. fancy red socks
14. VP socks
15. sock blanket
16. pentagon blanket
17. quilt top and bottom
18. dishcloth pile - all ends sewn in
19. Sew in ends on orange scarf

Now I only have 8 more days of work to do, so I will have plenty of free time to craft - the hard thing will be not starting something new I think.... Some of the above I stopped as got stuck etc!


  1. I love the idea of this but the reality of it.... Not sure it would work for me. I tend to frog old projects rather than finish them. I do have a few larger projects that I fully intend to finish that have been languishing in the UFO pile for a while. I may unofficially join you.

  2. Good challenge! I wouldn't have 12 WIPs so thankfully am not tempted to join the fun :-)