Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 21 January 2018


We've had lots of decent good rain. Much needed and appreciated. I dried a load of laundry in the new clothes drier for the first time - it works much better than a 15 year old (at least!) model - it is bigger and faster and a lot quieter and does not stop after 2 seconds of going, then start, then stop, then really stop!  It's going up on the wall today, instead of sitting in the hallway.

I've also cleaned bathroom floors and toilets; dusted through the entire house; more laundry (but outside, as weather cleared!); sorted and cleaned out pantry; swept paths; cleaned my walk in wardrobe and put properly!; dug over the compost bins; vacuumed behind every bed and will buy the 16 year old some new bed linen/duvet inner/cover today at 60% off.

I feel happy having a pretty sorted house. I feel like I've had an awesome 3.5 months off work and have achieved a a lot whether op/charity shop runs, finishing craft stuff, travelling, sorting out photos, sorting out the house etc etc! Putting all my wool up onto Ravelry early in the new year was fabulous too - I'm going to try so hard not to buy much this year (along with clothes , stationery, shoes!). Maybe unviersity/education texts might be my thing instead....

An amazing surprise parcel arrived for me a couple of weeks ago -

A gorgeous knee rug sent to me from a penfriend Tina, who lives in Klippan in Sweden. I've met Tina back in 1997 and visited her little town then, but don't remember going to the Klippan Woollen Mill where this rug is from. The mill dates back to 1879 and uses a lot of New Zealand wool in their products. A few years back I bought myself one of their fullsize blankets locally at The Good Thing. I treasure both of these!

University starts tomorrow at 8.30am. I'm excited! I've my bag all packed - tomorrow is an orientation day. I'm hoping there are a few old students like me - I'm pretty sure there will be!
Lectures start on Tuesday at 8.30am! It'll be so different for me, but I'm ready!


  1. How exciting. Good luck for tomorrow, another new chapter in your life. I love the knee rug, that's beautiful, such a pretty colour.

  2. What an exciting and terrifying new chapter in your life Kimberley though I am sure you will take it all in your stride and come flying out the other side.
    All the best for your first day.

  3. have fun being back at at school :) love the color of the knee rug!

    1. it is a gorgeous colour! Uni is lots of fun.