Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Little Hen's Christmas decoration swap and #18essentials for 2018

Happy New Year everyone! The days are blending together and it's still hot. I've pulled out the scrapbooking for days of marathon sessions under the air conditioning.

Before Christmas I signed up for  Say Little Hen's Ornament Swap.  I must say, that after multiple attempts at knitting various little things (which I either un-did for threw out as not impressed), knitting little things is not really me *at all*. 
I was getting a tad grumpy until I finished my one thing ( and I really had planned on knitting more than one thing too...!)

Anyway, I was very lucky to be paired with the lovely Katrina, another kiwi blogger whose stitching I am rather in awe of! It was a bit daunting really...

Katrina is so very, very talented, and along with 2 lovely crocheted decorations, I received this stunning project bag. I loved the decorations but I *really* loved this extra treat (and the choccies!).
it truly is divine. Thank you so much Katrina! 

 After receiving such a gorgeous package, I felt a bit stink at having sent Katrina this....

 along with a couple of KMart items. I bought the wooden decorations for myself too and lots of friends have commented on them. Not quite up there with Katrina's skill....

I've been instagramming a bit more than usual. I'm kimberleyatk9 on there.
I saw a tag re #18essentialsfor2018 where you send YOUR version of 18 things / essentials for 2018, so signed up.
I sent my partner in Australia these things (well not the magazine in the end, as it would not fit in the packaging).

And these are the wonderful goodies that arrived at my house, which I opened on New Years Eve.

Lots of fabulous, useful things! I'm thrilled with the hexie cardboard thingies, as have been wanting to learn how to use. Other favourites are the tea, the birthday bunting (the H in the pic), the drink bottle and the fabric and scissors. I'd take part in this swap every year - such a fab idea! It's given me an idea for a blog swap too (essentials for summer or winter- I might run this soon!).

I took part in a few more swaps before Christmas, so details coming soon. Off to sort out more photos...

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  1. Such wonderful gifts both sent and received. Swaps are such fun to take part in.