Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 8 March 2018

Where I'm at in life....

Due at university -----

next week - shapes maths game sourced with lesson plans and justification and kits made for myself and another student
March 19 - PE essay 1500 words
March 26 - health essay 1500 words
April 2 - Peerwise - 5 science videos up for others to critique (involves an hour of work a night)
April 6 - Technology assignment
April 6 - education issues essay 2500 words
April 8 - Peerwise 2nd part
April 12 - Maori essay 1500 words
April 19 - 4 maths games sourced with lesson plans and in a maths kete (to sew)
April 30 60% assignment for Literacy (essay 2000 words)
may 6 - Peerwise finished
May 11 tech assignment 2 due
May 16 - 60% science test
May 25 - maths essay

Why nobody hears from me anymore. This is INSANE - we were told it would be and it is ! We are doing more than a normal university degree - 160 points/credits this year (normal is 120).

ON TOP OF THIS - we have nightly readings of 2-4 per paper for the next day; we have Tuesdays in school of which there are another 4 assessments to do not in the above list; we have a practicum folder to keep; we have an e-portfoilio to keep up to date; we have to trail 3 kids at school and report on them extensively; we have to run a lunchtime club and keep extensive plans/outcomes/photos etc; we have 4 little on-line science tests every week


Not sure where sleep goes, but that is my life! I'm not knitting; I'm not going out; I'm not seeing anyone but people at uni; sick of making lunches for myself daily; I am saving lots of money by being too busy to even do the supermarket shopping; I'm doing laundry and nothing else in the house basically; I'm exhausted ! People have already dropped out!

I will tell you though - I AM LOVING IT, but is ***IS*** insane.....


  1. Well, as long as you are loving it, that's the main thing. Before you know it, term will be over and you'll be knitting again. Maybe some of the reading is available in audio? Knit AND read at the same time, wouldn't that be perfect? x

  2. It will all be worth it in the end, and at least you're enjoying it, have fun.

  3. YOU CAN DO IT! I get giddy when the lists are over the top and it sounds like you are the same. I wish you great success, and the knitting will always be there waiting for you :)