Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 30 July 2018

crafting finally

It has been virtually months of doing very little and basically next to zero crafting.  I would have thought I would have knitted, but my go to thing this year has been letter writing instead - lots and lots and lots of long letters written and I guess this has replaced the knitting up till we were finally on our first break on June 30 (and a month later I still feel like I'm on holiday, even though university has been back a week..... I need find my motivation somewhere...)

I started and finished this adorable Lizzie Kate cross stitch in the past 3 weeks.  I'll cycle up to university today and drop it into (a new to me) framers after my one Monday lecture.

This is so true !!!

Now this is my Beeswax scarf which I started on January 4 this year... Knit in gorgeous Zealana Heron, which is partially possum. I am hoping to get this off my needles later this week. I'm not doing it as long as the pattern suggests as I am a shortie.... I'd love to knit the mittens and the hat one day too - actually Amy is doing a KAL with the hat at the moment...

During the hols I started and finished a Rattan Shawl. This was perfect travelling knitting too. I used Zealana Cozie from the stash and love it too.

 And started and finished in under a week,  I give you my Nurmilintu. I used the absolutely beautiful Happygoknitty Kashgar (although I discovered two ties in it, - husband had wound it for me - which resulted in two un-do rows and when there were lots of yarn overs - argh!) - a mix of 50% silk and 50% merino - it is just beautiful to knit and so, so soft and warm. I love the little picot edge (a new skill for me!). It is a fabulous one skein project.

 And I'm now starting Posie's "Summer Storm" cross stitch. It is knit on 32 count french linen which is incredibly soft and thin, so took a bit to get used to!

I'm taking all the little things in life on - i remember mum saying to me to just do what you want in life - if you want to go on a trip, go! Want the book? Buy it! Want the wool? Buy it! Life is too short! (...but don't go into debt... ha - not me!).

I am rather hoping that this semester is a bit more study/life balanced!!! But I also really need to start doing some work....

Have a happy week everyone. xo

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  1. Glad to hear you have had some creative time alongside the hard mahi you have been doing. It is important to feed your soul as well as your brain.