Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 15 November 2018


My gosh. I can't believe how fast the days are going!

I've been spending hours testing 28 students for their maths - it is fascinating! 

 An awesome friend sent me a surprise package in the post yesterday! A new to me New Zealand dyer - it is gorgeous organic merino. You can find Tseba on instagram.
 Some exciting new purchases arrived - autographed too!
 I'm spending flipping hours doing my e-portfolio of the past year to satisfy the New Zealand Education Council. This is all for a 12 minute presentation in front of university faculty next week. Yikes!
 I *adore* the UK band James. I saw them in concert last week. I turned around and Tim Booth was right there! He is very cool in  my books! His house is right near the fires in CA - last time he was down under Trump was voted in, he reckons the next November he visits NZ, an apocolypse might happen  while he is away!

 Feedback from a university lecturer last week - she watched me teach.. Am totally loving this job and my current class. It's my last day tomorrow - sob, sob. BUT I am looking forward to 2 months off from next Thursday! Much to do before then - namely e-portfolio!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Gosh summer has come early - I've been in dresses for weeks now!

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