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Creative Chaos

Monday 5 November 2018

November 5

The teacher asked me today why I didn't mention Guy Fawkes to the students and ask what they did in the weekend. It didn't even occur to me, as it isn't something we really do. I find it hard to fathom spending money on fireworks and the fact that we even "celebrate" someone who tried to blow up a building. Nothing to celebrate there. The students learnt all about it last week, tied in with religion and other stuff! I'd be rather happy with fireworks were banned here! I struggle with why we still even do Guy Fawkes in NZ. It's a relic left over from colonisation!
BUT what we did do and I really hope every single NZ student in every single NZ school had the word "Parihaka" thrown at them today, was spent over an hour on Parihaka - a significant event in NZ history which took place on November 5, 1881. This led onto amazing discussions around terrorism, colonisation, the NZ Land Wars, pacifism, conscription etc. The students were fascinated. This picture book we read is a good entry level book for discussion around Parihaka.

 I had awesome feedback from year 5 students today "you understand people" and "people need you". Awh shucks. They are horrified my last week is next week! One of them is a Bahai and I impressed her from day one just from the fact I had heard of them and could tell her a whole lot about her religion (part of my degree was religious studies). The students are all fabulous.

I went to a scout group garage sale on Saturday and picked up lots of amazing bargains for home and especially my future classroom. I've got quite the pile for the classroom already.... In about 5 weeks time, I'll be able to see inside my classroom for the first time!

 The mobile library bus visited the school last week. It was very exciting and the selection was fabulous. I was so happy for this and every student has a library card. But on the other hand, it makes me sad that schools possibly will no longer buy books to boost their own libraries, if mobile libraries visit... hmmmm....

 We had this happen a week ago - first place in year 12 history is a pretty big deal. Oh - except to the kid! He does not really care... and would have loved to have stayed home and wag prize giving. Hates being the centre of attention and says he is just doing his school work.... Major school exams for all year 11/12/13 students start this week. We are the ONLY country in the world that does major external exams for 3 years in a row. I think the year 11 ones should just be canned... pointless really!

Have a fabulous week. Linda and Lyn - finally posted your books!


  1. I agree with you about fireworks. I wouldn't mind so much if it only happened on the 5th of November but they start in October and displays happen even two weeks after the event. Poor Archie is a nervous wreck at this time of year. Well done to your son on his award, you must be a proud mum. We have external exams three years in a row here too, there's GCSEs in year 11 AS levels which count towards A levels in year 12 and A levels in year 13.

  2. I think it's great you have such a love of books and are sharing them with your students. I wished more children read books.

  3. I hate fireworks with a passion. We're on day 5 of them tonight and Anni (black lab) and myself have had enough of them. Why we have to have them for so long is beyond me.

  4. Love all the books. The mobile is great for the kids who read a lot, as they often run out in a school library.
    ps. You've typed the wrong date. IN 1881 not 1605.