Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 18 October 2019

last month

 This is my "Northeasterly" sock wool remnants blanket. I am enjoying knitting it a lot. Some of this wool I was gifted a year or tow back by the lovely Christina from A Colourful Life.
 This kept students entertained the other day - I must remember to use it daily. Good practice.
 I'm collecting Christmas picture books - in a few more weeks I'll wrap them up and students can take turns at unwrapping one day to read. We finish school on December 12, so I will start Christmas stuff in a month for so (although one told me on Monday there was only 70 odd sleeps to go! We countdown for student birthdays etc!).
 And the cutest rubbers from KMart for maths. I don't buy much these days - if I am shopping it is for classroom supplies...
 I've been clearing out my house.... huge piles of books to Hospice. Mint condition fiction and some mighty good stuff. I've also donated stuff to two school libraries.
 And was a bit mortified at the state of my current school library, so went shopping for them (donation from me).
 Well the school teacher, ex-librarian HAD to have the Gruffalo pyjamas from Peter Alexander....
 We baked coconut bread at school during Tongan Language Week. It was yum!
I'm off school for a few days - off to doctor shortly - not a fab start to term 4 when there is so much to do.........


  1. Your blanket looks lovely and I am so pleased some of my yarn found its way into it. Your Gruffalo pj's are cool, too! x

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