Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 21 October 2019

Long weekend in Wellington

My school board kindly gives us all a 3 day weekend once a year. I flew the hour down to Wellington, New Zealand's capital city, to meet up with a friend from Christchurch (an hour south again). This dear friend actually used to be a penfriend of mine from Boston, MA, USA and we first met at my wedding 23.6 years ago! We've met in Boston, the UK and Australia over the years and she has now lived in NZ for 12 or so years.
This was the view from our air b'n'b - right on Cuba Street - the best location!

 I was so delighted to go and visit NISA - it's underwear made by former refugees in Wellington and I own quite  a few items of theirs. Such a good cause.  Perfect for Christmas gifts - I've bought underwear for the entire family. Quite neat to see where they sew everything! I was part of their crowd fundraising event to get special machinery to enable them to be able to sew men's underwear.

 my favourite tea shop... TLeaf  Another great place for Christmas gifts...
 We went here for dinner... i'll psot photos of that another time... WOW !
 Nisa underwear i bought... all made here in Godzone.
 Wellington city... on a harbour - a fab walking city. Can't beat the cafes .

LOVE the city - i lived there while at Library School in the 1990s. It was SO fab to catch up with my friend April - another post to come! New Zealand travel is so goo d- my 3rd trip this year around my own country.

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  1. Sounds like a fab weekend, I love visiting Wellington too. Look forward to reading about your Logan Brown experience - the head chef & partner in the business is a good friend of mine :) I've only been there once myself - amazing!