Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 24 March 2013

Good days

Weekend -

Paul Kelly concert (Australian singer ) - awesome. And with Neil Finn too. They both have actual admiration for each other. Have seen both many times now.
St Peters College gala - really good. Love my new cushion made from a vintage NZ blanket and my new NZ ornament.
Ryan loved the paint ball there.
Poached eggs for breakfast. Glorious eating on the deck.
Still summer! In a sun frock late March! Crazy!
And a goo decent sort out of all the little things boys collect in their drawers! A good chuck out and some precious collections of things to be kept in the attic. The amount of things boys seem to collect is staggering to me! They are growing out of toys though.
Trying to down size all sorts of stuff and not spend dollars on stuff we do not need! Big clear out of books not read from their bookcases too which will go to one of their schools.
And winter wardrobes sorted with hardly any dollars spent - yippee. Might just need to sew some more pj pants for them.

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  1. Lovely pics of your homelife...I have just spent the day with my little boy making lots of star wars ships out of lego, I don'think I will be able to stand upright again for days Ha. Also love your umbrella!! I feel a little jealous of your lovely sunshine, it is really cold here in Kent, Pop over to me as I'm having a free giveaway and I would love you to enter!! Karen :)