Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 16 February 2014


weekend has made me sooooo happy! Free time and no guilt doing anything! I've been...

sewing on my newly serviced machine. (what a difference!I took both my machines in for their first - eeeek- ever service. But YIKES - the cost! $125 per machine! I had no idea it was so expensive!)

stitching. I will make this into a cushion - which fabric do you like the most for the back?

buying parallel imported sneakers for me at $25 pair from The Warehouse (yay for my size 3 UK/ size 6 US feet!) and board games for school (spent around $3000 on games lately!)

scrapbooking up large. I have been a HUGE HUGE Creative Memories album maker for about 12 years and have over 35 albums. A friend worked out I had around $10,000 worth of albums at least..... They went under as a company last year and i refuse to pay the inflated trade me prices for new pages/page protectors. this afternoon at Spotlight I bought the first of my "Project life" pages/album etc. The husband cracked up when he saw it and said "that's all done for you. No effort there in page layout/design." To me, yes, he is probably right but i have no idea what else to use and it is simple and pretty cheap after creative memories stock! I am a big story teller and my children have very well documented lives!
,br. and the hot dry weather continues. Next I need to seriously get on with letter writing and finishing swaps.
How was your weekend?


  1. Fab weekend, full, busy etc. I'm exhausted now, just having a cuppa and catching up with some blog reading then I'm off to bed. We had Tom's 5th birthday party on Saturday and spent much of today at our neighbours farm for lunch and a tiki tour round their property. Happy week to you! xo

  2. We have the same faithful old bernina. I bought mine has a second machine when I only had one machine and it was in being fixed. But now it is my go to machine it never lets me down xx ouch on the service charges though.

  3. Although it was expensive to get your sewing machine serviced, it is so lovely when they run smoothly isn't it and you will get a much better finish on your projects! Happy crafting. xx