Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 27 June 2014

Randomly on a Friday night

1. We've had driving, heavy, sudden rain and phenominal wind today with hail thrown in too.  Rather nice being tucked up in bed now listening to it.

2. Week 9. One more week of school. I am ready for the holidays now. It isn't really even a long term, but yeah, I need a holiday. (School hols save school staff :) ).

3. A week off already and my next university paper stuff  has arrived. This paper (Maori Colonisation) looks TOUGH. The term does not start for another 2 weeks (week two of the school hols - university term is different), but I kinds think I should maybe do a bit now - the first assignment is due 2 weeks into the term. Yikes.

4. Education is tough. I am nearly at the 5 year mark in this job. It is tough. Day in, day out. I sat in on a teacher planning session (2 hours) long - crikey. So involved! So much to think about when "just" teaching. I take my hats off to most teachers.

5. It still does not let me like National Standards though. Lots of NZ children would have received their half yearly reports today. These standards are judged on an entire school year. My 10 year old has already met and surpassed them half way through the year and says "oh well. Not much left to do for the rest of the year then." Sigh. Last year of these standards kid.

6. Knitting. Knitting. Soothing. Every day. Even at school in the lunch room. Knitting 2 different socks and a cardigan for me (had help today with pattern - I hope I can succeed) and about to buy some wool to knit a teacher's daughter a cardigan too.

7. Lots of happy mail this week from NZ, Australia and USA. Divine packages. Love mail.  I have written a few letters too and have a wee pile to start and finish this weekend.

8. Breakfast have progressed to marmite and marmalade toast. Eyeing up the neighbours grapefruit tree, so I can make some marmalade.

9. Soccer world cup. Loving.

10. Puzzle mania with youngest. Loving. Off screeens - yay.

11. Snails - at least 20 of them pulled off my vege patch earlier tonight. Yikes!

11. It is the weekend. All I want is a sunny day to dry a TON of laundry outside! Have a great weekend!

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