Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 10 August 2014


This week has flown by.
I am feeling so positive about everything at the moment - mainly due to an awesome new principal at school. We had a chat for well over an hour and wow! I already feel like a very valued staff member under him and he told me today that he thinks that a lot of the staff have no idea just how valuable I am to the school - still smiling! Nice to be recognised, as truly, a lot of support staff, in a lot of schools are not.

 Impluse vege gardening - dropped a kid off at soccer practice and an impluse visit to the garden centre. The best way to get it done! Had stared at the pots/garden which had been turned over for weeks but no motivation to go to garden centre until driving past one. Planted beetroot,broccoli,  various chinese vegetables, carrots. Plus bought a couple of ranunculus and sweet pea seedlings. We have had a great little garden this winter. Blitzed with blitzen the once and then we leave it to grow, grow, grow.

 Baking chocolate chip biscuits. teenage boys eat. Horrified yesterday to find we can nearly go through 4 litres of milk a day - bowls of weetbix and nutrigrain will do that!
 Just a little knitting this winter - would love to do so much more. hat knitted quickly but I am not really sure I like the pattern that much...

 Afternoon sun streaming through bedroom - soooo much washing/laundry dry outside yesterday and a STACK of ironing done - all done. Weeks and weeks of it... Yay.

 Started on my uni work for this semester. A VERY slow start NOT helped by the fact that my lecturer posted the study guides TWO whole weeks after the semester started and 3 e-mails later (group e-mails) from me, he really did look on-line after saying they had been posted, and seeing that NO, they had not been posted. 24 hours of study to catch up on... I won't catch up quite possibly... Not good enough for a stage 3 paper. And posting 12 hours before an assignment due, a few tips to help people... NOT helpful to me when i had e-mailed my assignment off the day before (I alwasy give myself a self imposed earlier deadline).
 Lemon loaf (with almond flakes).
And another week has gone. Two crazy weeks coming up with meetings, fundraising nights, husband in the Solomon Islands (so used to him travelling for work) and birthdays galore in the family.


  1. Oh yum, recipe for the choc chip cookies please! Love the pics of your bedroom with all that pretty light. You sound happy....have a great week xoxo

  2. Those cookies and cake look delish! All the best with your uni work!