Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 14 August 2014

This Moment

This Moment (via Pip)

Loving - Mel over at One Crafty Mumma and her creative penpal sign up. I've signed up - yay for snail mail....

Giving - and visit Crafty in the Med for a wonderful giveaway too

Learning - about Maori government policy in the 19th century and how the Maori responded to it
Deciding - how to deal with a few things at work tomorrow
Wishing - that I had a lot more motivation
Drinking - Aussie tea still
Reading - "The Maori and New Zealand Politics", "Essays on Maori History, Land and Politics" and more...
Pondering - how the oldest will be 16 tomorrow
Considering - how to tackle this essay
Buying - an amplifier, record player and VINYL :) for the 16 year old
Liking - rainy nights and vege gardens
Wearing - ripped woollen tights - aaargh - at $30 a pair !

Giggling - at graffiti on election billboards
Needing - time, time, time
Watching - nothing
Hoping - for better things
Getting - a bit worried about the really strong wind outside and the poor rabbit

Opening - fabulous real letters
Looking - at the garden
Smelling - new soaps
Admiring - the awesome new principal - not mucking around
Feeling - colder than normal
Making - 2 cardigans, 2 pairs of socks and either a hat or a scarf! Too much on the go...  (Identical to a month ago!)
Enjoying - nights in with good winter food (home made pie pastry and all)

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